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Agriculture, fishing, aquaculture
Environment, recycling
Tourism, leisure activities
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Ol Pejeta is East and Central Africa’s largest rhino sanctuary with 137 Black Rhino, 37 White Rhino, (of which two are the last remaining Northern White Rhinos in existence) and the only orphaned chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya.

Ol Pejeta is a not-for-profit, 110,000 acres conservancy created by a combined team of philanthropists and world leading conservation organizations. Formed in 2005, Ol Pejeta is now home to a staggering range of wildlife including the major predators and of course an extensive rhino population. 

More than anything else, achieving this has required an almost military level of security provision including multiple teams of unarmed and armed rangers, a fleet of vehicles, our own dogsection. Our Northern White rhino have their own 24-hour armed bodyguards just to protect them. 

All of this comes at a prodigious cost. To date Ol Pejeta has been one of the few conservancies in the world to cover its costs through its own commercial activities: tourism, livestock and agriculture.  

But what Ol Pejeta does not have, is the necessary funds to expand its operations and success model. We have reached rhino carrying capacity and the only way to expand our population and conservation model is to work together with local communities and government to add more contiguous land to the Conservancy. We need to generate the required funding through strong development of our commercial revenue streams, as well as   through our recently established Fundraising department