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City :Sittingbourne
Country :
United Kingdom
Industries :
Maintenance, servicing, after-sales services
Marketing, communication, media
Services other
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Company Description

We are a team of geeks, problem solvers, traders, coders, entrepreneurs, big thinkers, detail lovers, fathers, mothers, pet owners, and eCommerce fanatics. We love what we do. For this reason, we count ourselves lucky.

Many of us are former traders, having worked for various companies as eCommerce Managers, or Digital Marketing specialists.

Many of us are from a services background, handling teams at ChannelAdvisor, Volo, Linnworks and other solutions providers.

We are designers who love to be artists of the 21 century. We are coders, the techie magicians of our generation.

We are analysts and data scientists, running over big and small data, looking for secret sauce recipes.

We have spent most, if not all, of our professional careers in eCommerce. We have breathed the industry, often from the ground up.