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Communication Skills: Communicates very well both orally and in writing. Possess good presentation skills and people handling techniques.  Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills: I am able to make timely, well considered and logical decisions on problem situations that may arise so as to find appropriate and workable solutions.  Organization and Planning: A highly organized individual who approaches all their work in a methodical and professional manner.  Team work: I am a resourceful team player with ability to build trusting and cohesive teams with both customers and colleagues.  Detail oriented: I value accuracy and ensure every duty I undertake pays close attention to details and captures all the valuable data.  Security Management: Acquired knowledge on how to protect assets, handle delicate security operations and handle security operations in organizations.  Integrity and Discipline: High levels of integrity demonstrated in my ability to follow instructions from my superiors without question.  Polices and Compliance: Ability to ensure that all company financial policies and administrative procedures are adhered in line with the company’s and government laws.  Computer Proficiency: Competent in the use of Windows operating systems, MS Office, Internet and
09.2017 - 12.2019
A Proactive, dynamic criminologist with a passion to develop a society that is susceptible to criminal acts, and understand what causes people to commit crimes. I would like to help society develop a better understanding of what causes people to commit crimes, how to better protect against it, how to improve rehabilitation following release and how to help victims of crimes.
06.2016 - 01.2017
Forensics, or forensic science, is the application of scientific principles used for solving crimes. Forensic investigation can help members of law enforcement determine the identity of an unknown suspect; understand how blood spatter patterns occur; and determine the composition and source of evidence, such as trace materials and drugs. Forensic science uses all kinds of sources, including fingerprints; dental records; genetic materials and substances found at a scene. Evidence refers to information admissible in court for judges and juries to consider when reviewing a case. Evidence is used to identify remains; reconstruct a crime or determine the composition of an unknown substance.
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Central - Coast - Eastern - Nairobi - North Eastern - Nyanza - Rift Valley - Western - International
Place of residence : KAPSABET
Permanent contract - Fixed-term contract
40 000-60 000

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